Master-class on providing assistance when a person loses consciousness
01 10 2022

Master class on providing assistance when a person loses consciousness at Lavina.
In times of war, it is very important to know how to provide first aid to a person on your own, because these precious minutes can really save lives. Our friends from MIRUM Clinic will talk about all this on October 15 at a master class at Lavina!
In the program:
◾️ 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.: educational lecture by anesthesiologist and opportunity to chat with him
◾️ 16:10–17:00: free vision test and gifts from "Luxoptic", as well as a raffle of certificates from MIRUM Clinic
◾️ 17:00–18:00: DJ performance
A free master class will be held in the lobby of the shopping center on October 15, next to the fountain, for everyone. And among all participants who pre-register for the master class, we will draw 30 certificates to the Galaxy amusement park. The main condition: to be present at the master class.
Register here:
Also, several more interesting master classes are planned in our shopping center:
On October 1, on the provision of pre-medical assistance to children:
and on October 15 for assistance with fractures and bleeding:
Read more about the lectures in our posts, follow the news so you don't miss anything.
And if you are interested in the topic of medical care, we also invite you to a full course of pre-medical care at MIRUM Сlinic. An anesthesiologist and orthopedic traumatologist will explain in more detail how to provide help after a road accident, what to do in case of bleeding, how to use tourniquets and much more useful information. More details:
Get involved, because it's important and can save someone's life!