Learn new things with iSpace!
14 06 2023

Professional photographer Olena Popova will share her secrets
taking good pictures and iPhone camera functions.
In the program of the master class:
• Phone camera features and settings. Life hacks that
will help to make shots on the phone no worse than on a professional one
the camera
• Composition. Simple recipes on how to catch the perspective and how to place everything
in the frame to accurately obtain harmonious photos
• Working with light. How to catch the volume, the correct shade
• A bit of color theory. Combination of colors in the photo
• Processing in the iPhone's built-in editor

You can register for a master class from @ispace_ukraine
by link: https://ispace.ua/ua/t/mobilna-zjomka-obrobka-fotografij-
Date: June 17 at 3:00 p.m.
Location: Lavina Mall (near the iSpace store).
Admission: free by appointment.