Join the "Stormy" project
08 09 2023

All of us are witnesses of a brutal war, so the most important thing now is to provide our soldiers with everything they need on the front lines. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Territory team of your equipment has been assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, united we can achieve much more.

Our current goal is to raise funds for 50 strike drones. Helping us in this is extremely simple. In retail outlets and in the TTT.UA online store, you can choose products with a special mark - the image of the chevron of the 1st Presidential Brigade of operational assignment named after Hetman Petro Doroshenko, the Offensive Guard - "Stormy".

From each of your purchases of such goods, 200 hryvnias will be directed towards the purchase of strike drones. Let the "Stormy" turn the orcs into dung.

The collection will continue throughout September. Let's get closer to victory together!