Energy of water and wind: a new look at mother-of-pearl in the Breeze jewelry collection from SOVA

Energy of water and wind: a new look at mother-of-pearl in the Breeze jewelry collection from SOVA
17 06 2021

It is impossible to comprehend water, you can only follow it: changing states and forms, overcome the challenges of fate and endlessly renew, absorbing new experience. To be soft and strong, silent and stormy, at every stage of life - different, but still yourself. “We were inspired by the endless manifestations of water,” says Artur Torosyan, art director of the SOVA brand. “First of all, we sought to embody the combination of water and wind energy in the collection, which is associated with reboot, confidence, new ideas and the strength to bring them to life”.


Breeze is both daring playfulness and mysteriousness. Delicately shimmering mother-of-pearl and massive shapes combined with expressive lines. As the water surface transforms under the pressure of the wind, filling with new moods, colors and textures, so a woman is able to change under the influence of circumstances. The ability to accept oneself as different and live every moment, being filled with it, truly makes the heroine of Breeze akin to a beautiful element.


Mother-of-pearl, the heart of the new SOVA collection, comes from the deep waters of the Asia-Pacific region. Its plasticity and power, together with its unique natural origin, inspired the brand's jewelers to create a range of jewelry filled with special meaning.


The Breeze collection is about flow. About the strength and ease of acceptance, which is rapidly approaching dreams. About flexibility and freedom, reflected in an unexpected combination of mother-of-pearl with the glitter of diamonds and a fancy setting in white or yellow gold.


The collection contains 18 jewelry: 9 pairs of earrings, 4 bracelets, 3 rings and 2 necklaces. For the first time in SOVA, a double ring appeared, which will become an accent of the image. Some of the pieces of jewelry are laconic, some are desperately expressive, like the state of water, which is constantly renewing itself, calmly remains itself.


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