Baroque ideas: pearls, diamonds and gold lace in the new SOVA collection
03 09 2020

The uniqueness of irregularly shaped pearls gave the name to an entire era in
art. It was three centuries ago, but the unpredictability still worries

The SOVA brand uses non-standard baroque pearls in the new Sophie collection,
as if to remind: rules only work because of exceptions. How passionate we are
would not strive for the ideal, they choose us, remember and fall in love for our

The essence of the baroque is in a creative attitude to everyday life, in reconciliation
rational and emotional, classical and decorative. Worth taking a look at
Cathedral of St. Sophia of Kiev - a majestic example of Ukrainian Baroque and the namesake of the new
SOVA collections: gold on white, simple lines and fanciful shapes.

SOVA also focused on gold, white and yellow, combined sophisticated chains
with outlandish elements. Based on baroque ideas, the brand, in fact,
was inspired by the contrasts of Ukrainian reality, in which innovativeness
exists side by side with strong traditions, and creative spontaneity - with the desire
to order.

The collection of 16 jewelry contains complex and laconic, among them - earrings, rings,
necklaces and bracelets. However, they all attract the eye with an unusual: natural, always
unique shape of baroque pearls, golden lace or unexpected
interspersed with diamonds.

The heroines of the new SOVA collection are modern Ukrainian women, strong and fragile overnight.
They are able to improve ad infinitum, but gradually learn to accept
yourself: unpredictably beautiful and therefore inspiring, like a baroque pearl.