KSD AURUM Company - the AllUkrainian chain of multibrend jewelry stores.


At present KSD AURUM is one of the biggest dealers on the jewelry market and includes more than 40 stores all around Ukraine.


Our stores offer a big variety of jewelry made of precious stones according to classical or modern design as well as jewelry with mountings of precious, all kinds of semi-precious and artificial stones.


Our beautiful jewelry will surely impress all the women. It certainly wouldn't be difficult for you to choose refined jewelry for yourselves. A great variety of earrings, suspensions of every sort and kind, pendants and rings will strike and pleasantly surprise the lovers of exclusive jewelry. They are decorated with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, grenades, alexandrites, citrines, topaz and other precious stones which probably will improve the moody spirit of charming women.


KSD AURUM chain stores also offer accessories for men - rings, cufflinks, clamps and pins for ties, all made of gold, silver and precious stones.


You may always expect to be welcome in comfortable atmosphere and choose any jewelry article.

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