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Original Marines

‘Live originally, dress originally!’ 


For over a quarter of a century, the company has been offering beautiful and stylish clothing for children between 0 and 14 years. The brand is the choice of those who prefer active, joyful and original living. 


Original Marines was created for kids and thanks to kids: they are our inspiration and the strength behind our growth.


It is also thanks to them that today we operate in 40 countries worldwide.   


From 1983, Original Marines has been a leader in manufacturing clothes for children of all ages – from newborns to teenagers. Original Marines garments combine talented design, Italian character and the latest fashion trends in kids clothing. Original Marines has designed and produced a line in organic cotton fibers. Clothes are often decorated with original prints of well-known cartoon characters. 


ORIGINAL MARINES is bright and beautiful clothing with Italian charm for creating stylish outfits for boys and girls.